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Tell us why your product is going to be the next big thing, so we can help make it happen! You can also contact us about other stuff, and we’ll answer.

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Marketing as a Service

Hi-tech marketing for start-ups and grown-ups

Your Product is Unique.
So is our Service.

We haven’t met yet, but we have something in common.
We both want to get great products to market. That’s why you’re selective about who you work with, and so are we. When we take on a project, we drink the Kool Aid.
We think your product is the greatest invention since air conditioning, and we obsess over how to spread the message. We love new ideas, and we can’t wait to hear about yours.

What We Actually Do

Marketing seems rather mysterious to people who do other things. The truth is that successful marketing is the result of the usual combination of planning, hard work and persistence. Here’s the marketing-speak for the kinds of services we provide:

Strategy and Planning

Figure out how to get you where you’re going.
Analyze your market and your business goals, and develop, execute and track a go-to-market strategy and a marketing plan.

Product Marketing

Sharpen your competitive advantage and develop the positioning and messaging that compels your customers and investors. Work with analysts to build credibility and presence.

Content Creation

Plan and develop content that drives marketing programs - from white papers and blog posts to brochures and data sheets. We love to tackle even the most technical products and solutions.

Demand Creation

Create campaigns, both on- and offline, that drive demand and create market awareness. Collaborate with PR, analysts, thought leaders and channels to magnify your message.

Marketing Management

Focus on what you do best, and leave marketing to us. We build and run marketing operations for start-ups until the time is right to hire or expand your own team. Then we help you to do that too.

Scrub. Rinse. Repeat.

We’ve been there too. We know the pressure you’re under to get results yesterday.
So we’ve crafted a methodology that delivers initial results quickly, and keeps on going.
We don’t call it Agile Marketing because that’s so overused. But it really is.

Fortunately, the same method works for more mature companies who need to launch a new product, tackle a new segment or get some pep in their step.



Learn your market, your customers, and your competitors



Nail down your competitive advantage



Create the right message for the right audience



Develop demand generation and market awareness programs



Prepare the content you need to power your programs



Analyze, learn and make changes to improve results

Meet Some of Our Customers

Amy was an integral part of Secdo's growth at the very early stages, and I was always impressed by her insight, commitment and strong leadership. On top of being an outstanding marketing strategist, Amy also understands technology very well. She is an expert in product marketing, branding, marketing automation, lead generation and nurturing.

Amir Kotler, President and COO

Amy will research and educate herself, she is capable of analyzing huge amounts of data in fields both known and unknown to her, crystallize and express the value proposition, in simple, accurate and authentic wording.
I know that Amy would be a great asset to any company she works with, it's always a pleasure to work with her and I can hardly wait to start our next project together.

Avihay Feld, COO

We used Amy‘s services to make our first marketing steps as an early stage start-up. Amy brought vast experience and helped us to analyze the space, build marketing messages, and differentiate our product values. Amy is an expert, very committed, reliable and professional. I recommend her and sure that she will be a great contribution to any company.

Ofer Hendler, CEO and Co-Founder

Now Meet Us

Since 2006, we’ve been helping tech companies - mostly start-ups, mostly in Israel - to market products and services around the world. We are a small team of experts lead by Amy Ariel, who loves startups so much that she couldn’t choose just one to work at, so she started-up this company. She has a unique combination of strategic thinking and hands-on marketing skills that enables companies to get off the ground and successfully market-to-scale or be acquired.

Amy has two Senior Marketing Consultants by her side.

Shara Ellenbogen executes campaigns and writes much of the content that is so essential for marketing today. With a background in journalism, Shara is a self-proclaimed wordsmith who enjoys helping companies find the best words for their story.

Dana Smadja is an experienced strategist and marketing professional, having worked with companies ranging from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. She has helped drive profitable businesses with clear go to-market strategies, unique brand identities and effectively tailoring messaging to customer needs.

We’re supported by a group of excellent designers, developers and writers that enable us to provide just the right team for each engagement.

The bottom line: When we take you on as a client, we consider ourselves a part of your team. We’re totally committed to your success, and you can count on us.

We thought about calling ourselves a boutique agency. Yes, we’re small. And exclusive. But we don’t sell clothes.

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There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
Oscar Wilde

Tell us why your product is going to be the next big thing, so we can help make it happen! You can also contact us about other stuff, and we’ll answer.

T +972-54-443-9476

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